​​''Raising Quality Dairy 

  Goats since 2004''

  Mathews, VA

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it..."  Ps. 127:1

We are the Machen Family. There are eight of us! We are conservative  Christians who desire to glorify God and in all we do. We are homeschoolers as well. About ten years ago some of us were battling digestive issues, and  God led us to try goat's milk. It has worked for us, and we have been raising  dairy goats ever since. Over the years, we have expanded our family  farm which now includes beef cattle and lots of chickens as well. Currently we have eight cattle, over twenty-five goats, a hundred laying hens, and one hundred and fifty broilers!!! During the Spring, Summer, and Fall we raise broiler chickens in batches by the hundreds. We feed our goats and chickens all-natural feed from a mill in western Virginia, and our beef cattle are grass-fed. We also bale and pickup our own hay, usually around fifteen hundred square bales a year. We enjoy playing music together. Most of us play a bluegrass instrument as well as the piano. Our family also  enjoys photography, singing, sewing, hunting, fishing, swimming,  camping, and reading. Have a blessed day!