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Nubian Does for Sale

Nubian Bucks for Sale

All prices and availability subject to change.

Crossbred Does For Sale


 Below are the Nubians that are for sale right  now. Please contact us if you are interested in   making a purchase, have any questions, or   for current availability.

 These two bucks were born on 5/14/18. Their dam is "GOD'S MIRACLE MDNA HEPHZIBAH." One buck is brown with white saddle and black trim. The other is black with white markings and frosted ears. The sire is "VHA FARMS GUCCI'S WILLINGNESS" Both are friendly, calm, and healthy. $250 each 

 Our Nubian herd has been tested many   times and is CAE free. They are   registered or are eligible for registry. All of   our goats are disbudded.